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Jit Murad Plays By Jit Murad Out Of Stock

Jit Murad Plays By Jit Murad

Author: Jit Murad Paperback, 421 pages Subject: Performing Arts, Theater, Plays Condition: Good ..

The Tudung Anthology Out Of Stock

The Tudung Anthology

Edited by Azalia Zaharuddin Paperback, 201 pages Subject: Essay, Fiction, Comics Condition: Good ..


Parliament, Unexpected | Tan Sri Ariff Yusof

Publisher: Matahari BooksAuthor: Tan Sri Ariff YusofPage: 304Year: 2022Language: EnglishThe Speaker ..


The Last Jews Of Penang

Publisher: Matahari BooksAuthor: Zayn Gregory & Arif RafhanPage: 39 pagesYear of issue: 2021Lang..


The Long Shadow Of The 19th Century: Critical Essays On Colonial Orientalism In Southeast Asia

Publisher: Matahari BooksAuthor : Farish A NoorPages: 404 pages Stamford Raffles, J..

The Malay Tale Of The Pig King Out Of Stock

The Malay Tale Of The Pig King

Publisher: Matahari BooksPages: 39Authors: Usup Abdul Kadir, Retold by Heidi Shamsuddin, Illustrated..


Wanted: Botak Chin By Danny Lim & Michelle Lee

Publisher: MatahariAuthor: Danny Lim & Michelle LeePage: 40pgYear of issue: 2021Language: Englis..


We Are Marching Now : The Inside Story of Bersih 1.0

Author: Danny LimPublisher: Matahari BooksISBN: 9789670042213Total pages: 212Bersih was ostensibly a..

What I Saw In Malaya: Lectures 1934-1938 Out Of Stock

What I Saw In Malaya: Lectures 1934-1938

French ethnologist Jeanne Cuisinier explored Malaya, mostly Kelantan, in 1932 and 1933. In her lectu..