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Afif Books

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Dilema Seorang Rasis -25%

Dilema Seorang Rasis

Author/Editor: Affifudin Omar New Pb493 pp. Subject: Fiction Condition: Good Publisher: Afif Boo..

RM40.00 RM30.00
Konspirasi by Affifudin Omar -25%

Konspirasi by Affifudin Omar

Author/Editor: Affifudin Omar New Pb362 pp. Subjects: Fiction, Malaysia Condition: Good Publishe..

RM40.00 RM30.00
Tun Perak: Paduka Raja -25%

Tun Perak: Paduka Raja

Penulis: Affifudin Omar 516 m/s Subjek: Fiksyen, Sejarah Keadaan: Bagus Penerbit: Afif Books Ta..

RM40.00 RM30.00
Tun Tuah by Affifudin Omar -25%

Tun Tuah by Affifudin Omar

Wira dan Diplomat Terbilang Author/Editor: Affifudin Omar New 347 pp. Subjects: Fiction, Histor..

RM40.00 RM30.00
Getir | Affifudin Omar -25%

Getir | Affifudin Omar

Penerbit :  Affifudin OmarHalaman : 371m/sPenulis : Affifudin OmarTahun Terbitan : 2012Perjalan..

RM22.00 RM16.50
Seludup | Afffifudin Omar -25%

Seludup | Afffifudin Omar

Penerbit :  Affifudin OmarHalaman : 303 m/sPenulis : Affifudin OmarTahun Terbitan : 2012Aman Sh..

RM22.00 RM16.50
Sesat | Affifudin Omar -25%

Sesat | Affifudin Omar

Penerbit :  Affifudin OmarHalaman : 327 m/sPenulis : Affifudin OmarTahun Terbitan : 2012Abdul R..

RM22.00 RM16.50