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The End of Barisan Nasional? Malaysian Political Issues

The End of Barisan Nasional? Malaysian Political Issues
Author: Kua Kia Soong
New Pb204 pp.
Subjects: Politics, Malaysia
Condition: Good
Publisher: SUARAM
Published: 2012
These recent writings by Dr Kua Kia Soong reveal one stark reality, namely that the Barisan National coalition that has ruled Malaysia since Independence in 1957 seems incapable of reform. In its 54 year rule, it has destroyed many of the democratic institutions that existed at Independence in 1957. Other institutions such as Royal Commissions of Inquiry have been systematically debased. Malaysia was in fact freer at independence than it is today. In his unique polemical style, Kua applies his knowledge, training and experience over the years to a kaleidoscope of Malaysian political issues: democracy, freedoms, human rights, laws, police, detention without trial, racism, environment, arms spending, energy, politics, reform, and more. He urges Malaysians to think beyond the two-front political systems toward a third political force that calls for democratic planning, direct action and popular participation on the reform of Malaysian society. Kua concludes this collection with the concrete reforms expected by Malaysian civil society of all parties and candidates in the 13th Malaysian general election. These reflect the aspirations of the Malaysian peoples at this juncture of Malaysian history and provide a new agenda for real change long overdue.

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