Mahsuri: A Legend Reborn

Mahsuri: A Legend Reborn
Author: Ooi Kok Chuen
Subjects: Fiction, Malaysia
Condition: Good
Publisher: OOI PEEPS Publishing
Published: 2016
Paperback, 257 pages
Ma Xing, an accidental mariner, gets caught up in a frankenstorm and a cosmic time-fracture on his recce trip to the Bujang Valley from Melaka. He is washed ashore to Langkawi where he meets Mahsuri in bizarre circumstances. They get to share experiences and knowledge in their occasional rendezvous: Ma Xing on his exotic travels, and Mahsuri touching on Islamic spirituality. Malay culture and herbal cure. This arouses the jealousy of Dzulkarnain, the son of the Langkawi overlord, and also Mahsuri's spiteful mother-in-law.

Dzulkarnain has been seething when Mahsuri's father. who created the Keris Langkawi, chose the timorous Mat Derus over him. Then, there is Khatijah, one of Dzulkarnain's women, who fancies Ma Xing. Ma Xing wins the chief's gratitude when he helps to overcome the drought using the Magic Square system. But Dzulkarnain has dark plans. He seeks the help of the witch in Pulau Dayang Bunting who predicted several strange omens. With war drums beating with the approach of the Siamese army under the blood-thirsty Ramkaheang, Mahsuri in child-birth has a surprise visitor.

All the witch's prophecies such as fishes that could walk and snakes that could fly, have come to pass. When Mahsuri is executed, white blood oozes out, vindicating her innocence and purity. She curses the island for seven generations. The devastation of the war is incalculable. The only link to the past is a silver qilin pendant...

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