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Borneo Animals: Binturong

Borneo Animals: Binturong
Author: Beverly Hon
Illustrator: Lim Lay Koon
Card, sewn in centre, 12 pages
Subject: Borneo, Animals, Binturong, Bearcat
Condition: Good
Publisher: Oyez!Books
Published: 2017
Up in the trees where it searches for fruit...

With simple lyrical text and bright yet realistic illustrations, this book for young children is a delightful introduction to the slow loris, a unique and fascinating animal of Borneo.


BEVERLEY HON spent her childhood playing with wild animals – at home, in the jungle and at the zoo – and grew up with flying foxes, slow lorises, a civet cat and wild boar as pets. She was a journalist with The Star for 13 years and has been involved in cheerleading since she was 14. Beverley has now paired her love for animals and writing with her knack for rhyming in this upcoming series.

LIM LAY KOON comes from a computer science background. She is a self-taught illustrator and enjoys illustrating the little details of everyday life. She has published several books with her sister Lay Har, such as Atuk’s Amazing Sarong and Master & Apprentice. She has also illustrated a scifi chapter book, The Nanobots and Other Stories by Golda Mowe. Other books include The Door Under the Stairs series by Heidi Shamsuddin.

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