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Academic Writing for Beginners (Second Edition)

Out Of Stock Academic Writing for Beginners (Second Edition)
Author: Elaine Morais
Paperback, 143 pages
Subjects: Education, Self-help
Condition: Good
Publisher: Beacon Press
Published: 2010
Academic Writing for Beginners (Second Edition) emphasizes the basic principles of academic writing and the macro and micro strategies students need to undertake assignments, project paper and theses. Students are trained to generate, organize and present ideas. This involves learning how to express main points, to reformulate and elaborate, to give reasons for views put forward and to make comparisons and contrasts. They are also taught to express ideas in sequence, to generalize, to summarize and to write suitable introductions and conclusions. Students are shown that academic writing is part and parcel of the research process. It is a skill that will help them prepare for, implement and report on their research. Assignments at pre-university and undergraduate levels tend to be based on secondary sources. But there is a growing awareness of the importance of getting students to engage in some data collection and analysis. This is one way of helping them to become producers of knowledge in their own right, not just consumers. They are also likely to discover their own originality in the process, and to make a small contribution to their area of investigation.

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