Masculinities Matter! Men, Gender and Development

Masculinities Matter! Men, Gender and Development
Editor: Frances Cleaver
Subjects: Gender, Development
Condition: Good
Publisher: Zed Books
Published: 2002
Paperback, 256 pages
An extremely useful contribution. With its rich, diverse and empirically grounded contributions, it should be widely read.'
Andrea Cornwall, Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University

'A compelling set of articles that depict men as misunderstood but truly necessary partners in the development process. The more one reads, the more it becomes clear that men represent a critical, but largely untapped resource that must be engaged in partnership to achieve gender equality.'
James Lang, Oxfam, UK

Men appear to be missing from much gender and development policy. However, emerging critiques suggest the need to pay more attention to understanding men and masculinities, and to analysing the social relationships between men and women.This book considers the case for a focus on men in gender and development, including arguments based on equality and social justice, the specific gendered vulnerabilities of men, the emergence of a crisis of masculinity and the need to include men in development as partners for strategic change.

Incorporating men into gender and development requires us to reconsider some of the theories and concepts which underlie policies. This book addresses a variety of such concepts and debates including the links between modernization, development and gender, whether feminist analytical frameworks are appropriate for incorporating men and their concerns, how useful the concept of hegemonic masculinity is in understanding different cultural conceptions of manliness, and the need to find ways of combining concern with micro level and private social relations with an analysis of macro level trends and structures.

Overall, the contributors illustrate the complexity of economic and social relationships shaped by local, national and international processes, and the importance of incorporating an understanding of men and masculinities into gender and development.

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