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Everything About Us

Out Of Stock Everything About Us
Readings from Readings 3
Editor: Sharon Bakar
New Pb243 pp.
Subjects: Fiction, Malaysia, Poetry
Condition: Good
Publisher: Word Works Sdn Bhd
Published: 2016
A KL taxi driver becomes obsessed with his passenger; an architect working on the biggest project of her professional life becomes the victim of a strange visitation; the lies and evasions of adults begin to unravel for a couple of children in a small American town. From a suicide bomber who escapes detention, to a teacher at the end of her tether, and a father who realizes the necessity of giving his daughter to a stranger, here are stories and poems that run the whole gamut of human emotion. There are pieces about love in all its forms; about terrifying curses and magical transformations; about daring escapes by sea by the dispossessed. And much, much more.

Everything About Us showcases writers who have taken part in Malaysia’s longest-running literary event [email protected] Once a month, writers come together in the inspiring surroundings of the Seksan Gallery in Bangsar to share their work in front of a live audience, and this third Readings from Readings collection comprises their short stories, microfiction, poetry and creative non-fiction.

Featuring short stories and poetry by Jane Williams, Sharon D. Molyneaux-Ohn, Cinzia Colli, Sukhbir Cheema, Wan Noraishah Samsudin, Shivani Sivagurunathan, Cheah Pih Nyuk, Nicole Idar, Leonard Jeyam, Marc de Faoite, Xander Stronach, Lam Kok Liang, Zedeck Siew, Sharon Chin, David T. K. Wong, Marc Nair, Vernon Daim, Nin Harris, Ng Min Shen , Dipika Mukherjee, Aaron Chelliah, Simon Beaumont, Jason Erik Lundberg, Sher Hann Chua, Sreedhevi Iyer , Bernice Chauly, Gladys Teo-Simpson, Elaine Chiew, Ted Mahsun, Karen Goodwin , Dina Zaman, Jeanette Goon, and Cynthia Reed. 


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Tags: Aaron Chelliah, Bernice Chauly, Cheah Pih Nyuk, Cinzia Colli, Cynthia Reed, David T. K. Wong, Dina Zaman, Dipika Mukherjee, Elaine Chiew, Gladys Teo-Simpson, Jane Williams, Jason Erik Lundberg, Jeannette Goon, Karen Goodwin, Lam Kok Liang, Leonard Jeyam, Malaysia, Marc de Faoite, Marc Nair, Ng Min Shen, Nicole Idar, Nin Harris, Sharon Bakar, Sharon Chin, Sharon D. Molyneaux-Ohn, Sher Hann Chua, Shivani Sivagurunathan, Simon Beaumont, Sreedhevi Iyer, Sukhbir Cheema, Ted Mahsun, Vernon Daim, Wan Noraishah Samsudin, Xander Stronach, Zedeck Siew