Policing Sexuality

Policing Sexuality
Sex, Society, and The State

Author: Julian C H Lee
New Pb192 pp.
Subjects: Gender & Sexuality, Politics
Condition: Good
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2011
Policing Sexuality explores the regulation of sexual behavior and identity, asking how and why nation-states have sought to influence and control the sexuality of their citizens.

Julian C.H. Lee presents both theoretical and ethnographic literature, distilling common themes and causes, such as the influence of colonialism, class, religion, and national identity.

Featuring crucial case studies from India, the US, Malaysia, Turkey, and Britain, this engaging comparative account examines the coercive control state authority exerts over sexuality.

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Tags: Class, Colonialism, Europe, India, Julian C H Lee, Malaysia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Turkey, United States of America