Memoirs of Khatijah Sidek : Puteri Kesateria Bangsa

Memoirs of Khatijah Sidek : Puteri Kesateria Bangsa

Khatijah Sidek is the first UMNO female leader to be vocal and open to championing the rights of women in the party to be treated with the rights of men. At UMNO General Assembly 1953, she demanded that mothers be given the right to vote and to increase the number of their representatives at the national level. Her speech and action at this conference made him more controversial in the eyes of ordinary members and conservative leaders in UMNO who were not ready to give women a place in the party leadership.

She was labeled as outrageous, hot-tempered and unsuitable for UMNO's struggles with moderate image, emphasizing on the way of negotiations, avoiding open conflict, tolerating and succumbing to leadership. This is contrary to his own leadership style that is always courageous, challenging and opposing any malpractice or weakness openly. This kind of force has led to the history of Khatijah Sidek's political activities being torpedoed by tensions, crises of leadership and elimination. Thus Khatijah shows how our political style that has always been drowned in people like him.

Published 2001
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