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This is What Inequality Looks Like (New Edition)

-50% This is What Inequality Looks Like (New Edition)

What ispoverty? What is inequality?How are thry connected?

How are they reproduced?How might they be overcome? Why should wetry?

This book-an ethnography of inequality- addresses these qu estions.

Formed by a series of essays, th ey are written to be read individually, but have been arrange d to be read as a tot alit y and in sequence. Each aims to accomplish two things: first, to introduce a key aspect of the expe rience of being low-income in contempo ra ry Singapore. Second, to illustr ate how people's expe riences are linked to structural conditions of inequality.

The way we frame our qu estions shapes th e way we see solutions. This book does what appears to be a no-brainer task, but one that is missing and import ant: it asks readers to pose qu estion s in different ways, to shift th e vantage point from which they view 'common sense,' and in so doing, to see themselves as part ofproblem s and potenti al solutions. T his is a book about how seeing poverty entails confronting inequality. It is about how acknowledging poverty and inequalit y leads to uncomfortable revelations about our society and ourselves. And it is about how once we see, we cannot, must no t, unsee.

Author Teo You Yenn
Published February 2019
Paperback Good

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