Environment Education In Drama (EED)

Environment Education In Drama (EED)

Li Lin speaks..... 

I Belong to an age which exalts age-old values such as love, friendship, thrift, moderation, etc. We decry materialism with its attendant greed, selfishness, waste and excess. It is hoped that these values, both positive and negative, as expressed in these plays, will arouse a beneficial awareness. 

To highlight their relevance, I have woven them into everyday experiences, such as two children playing together and two housewive chatting over the fence. The interaction of these two families illustrate opposing good and bad values. 

The lesson in the book are also relevant to our survival on earth. We talk of the ability of the earth to sustain life on it, not only of human, but also of other creatures, and not forgetting the vegetation we need. 

The earth can sustain life only if we consume within the limits of the resources available on it. 

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