Caught in the Enigmas of the Enchanted Forest

Caught in the Enigmas of the Enchanted Forest
Language : English
Publication Date : 3/31/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 106

ISBN : 9781543762662

“Little Miss Grumpy Shaylee” Shaylee is a girl who gets angry at almost everything. She is known as “Little Miss Grumpy Shaylee” by everyone in the village and doesn’t seem to care about whose feelings she hurts. In an enchanted forest, she bumps into a dwarf who grants her a wish but this comes with a price. Her whole life then turned topsy-turvy! Find out what Shaylee has to go through in order for her wish to come true.

“The Evil Sorcerer in the Forest” A young girl named Piper gets lost in the same enchanted forest. However, in this forest, she goes on a quest to look for her mother who has been missing for quite some time. Here, Piper has to fight for her life against numerous dangerous mythical creatures including an evil sorcerer! Will she be able to survive and reunite with her mother once more? Every child will go through a transition phase in life as they grow older. Hence, this change requires them to handle multiple emotions at once. The characters in these two stories externalizes their internal conflicts, whereas the enchanted forest acts as a metaphor of the outside world that is challenging and unfamiliar for children.

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