Mothers Are Coaches in Motion -Faizah Bazid

Mothers Are Coaches in Motion -Faizah Bazid

Is believing that you are a “bad” mother keeping you from enjoying motherhood?

Let me guess-you are tired, deflated,anxious, up to your eyeballs finding the work-life balance, and frustrated. Your internal conversations are harsh, unkind and the voices in your head are too loud to allow you to see that you are ALREADY doing a fabulous job of raising your children. That’s okay, but when millions of mothers around the world feel the same, the narrative must change.   

Here’s what you will find in this powerful book:

  • Engaging storytelling that will help you see yourself and thus your power.
  • Demonstrated examples of how you may already be shaping your children’s future.
  • Affirmations (Mum-firmations) to change your attitude, mindset and behaviour.

Are you ready to change the narrative and embrace your role and step into being the Mummy Super-power that you already are? Then read this enlightening book NOW!

About Author

A graduate in Law from Brunel University in the UK, Faizah Bazid has gone on the futher her scope into training, facilitation and coaching. She is an accomplished and award winning international coach, playing an instrumental role in the lives of parents all over the world.

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