Unleash Your Inner Sage by Dr Thana Sathasivam

Unleash Your Inner Sage by Dr Thana Sathasivam

Claim your best life now! Sweep aside everything that has blocked you and grab the opportunities that come your way! Unleash Your Inner Sage, by Dr. Thana Sathasivam, shows you how. Now you can silence those fears that tell you something is not possible. Instead, transform your dreams into reality. Dr. Thana gives you strategies and wise advice for making changes that will get you moving forward. Begin to tap into what you really want in life. Ignite your passions and let them guide you to your true calling. Find out how to use visualization to reprogram your mindset and nurture self-belief. Meet your Inner Sage—it will deepen your understanding of yourself and your desires. Discover how to journey deep within to arrive at mental clarity, emotional calm, and a feeling of stability. With Unleash Your Inner Sage, you have the chance to make over your life, with your passions at the center of everything you do. Why wait? Start today! Your best life is before you! 

Wii,ea% Your Inner Sage 

A Guide to Getting Your Life Back on Track and Being in Control 

Dr. Thana Sathasivam has over 25 years of managerial experience in corporate, government, and academic settings, helping individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations deal with a range of problems and challenges. These issues include project management, business process re-engineering, technology transfer, knowledge sharing, leadership & mentoring and people development. She became interested in personal development for the individual as opposed to teams within corporations. This led Dr. Thana to receive training and certification as a transformation coach. Her approach to coaching is non-judgmental, unbiased, and unflinching in ensuring that clients achieve their objectives. Dr. Thana's programs combine mind work and inner voice work as tools for taking action to achieve one's goals and ambitions. After becoming a certified trainer, she began focusing more on "soft-skill related training," helping people realize their personal branding so they can optimize their unique skills to achieve personal goals. When not giving speeches, conducting coaching, or developing training programs, Dr. Thana practices yoga or sweats after a Zumba session or peacefully practices Carnatic singing. 

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