Generation of Fragile by Germaine Thai (Penwings Publishing)

Generation of Fragile by Germaine Thai (Penwings Publishing)

Title: Generation of Fragile
ISBN: 9789671422786
Publisher: Penwings Publishing
Author: Germaine Thai
Price: RM43.00 

A showcase of the phases and moments in life, many of which arc simple but beautiful. The book is a collection of inspirations and realizations from the past decade; the uncertainty that comes with getting lost in the early 20s, coupled with the maturity that comes from finding slight wisdom in the late 20s. We arc a generation protected from many hardships, which in turn makes us fragile when life throws us curveballs. These words reassure that it is okay to be broken. It hopes to otter companionship to every reader's journey to becoming whole again.

More than anything, the book hopes to serve as a reminder to be grateful for every experience. Good or bad, happy or sad, these moments define who we become and grow into.

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  • RM43.00

Tags: Poetry, life, love