A Crowd of Twisted Things

Out Of Stock A Crowd of Twisted Things
Author: Dawn Farnham
Subjects: Fiction, History
Condition: Good
Publisher: Monsoon Books
Published: 2013
Paperback, 326 pages
It is 1950, and a storm is brewing in Singapore. Dark clouds of religious animosity and racial violence loom ominously over the city as it wages a custody battle over Maria Hertogh, a child given away by a Dutch-Catholic birth mother during World War II and raised by a Malay-Muslim foster mother in Malaysia. It is to this Singapore, a city on the verge of bloodshed, a city that is still nursing its wounds from the Japanese Occupation, that Annie Collins returns, to search for and reclaim her own daughter, a baby she had lost to the city in 1942. As Annie tries to pick up the scattered pieces of her life and put them back together, she must walk along twisted memories of pain and torture and must relive a sordid past she has chosen not to remember. Set against the 1950 race riots between Muslims and Christians in Singapore and Malaysia, A Crowd of Twisted Things is a moving historical novel of a mother's search for her daughter that takes her down unexpected paths.


About the Author:

Dawn Farnham (Singapore) is the author of The Red Thread, The Shallow Seas, The Hills of Singapore and The English Concubine, which together make up The Straits Quartet and she is the author of numerous short stories published in multi-author anthologies by Monsoon Books.

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