Batin Long bin Hok's Bés Hyang Dnèy and Other Jah Hut Stories

-20% Batin Long bin Hok's Bés Hyang Dnèy and Other Jah Hut Stories

Authors: Duncan Holaday, Chin Woon Ping, Teoh Boon Seong

Cover: Paperback

Year: 2003

Pages: 99

Bés Hyang Dnèy has a long tongue. His hair sprouts upside down. He lives in paths deep in the jungle, on mountain ridges, in valleys deep, deep in the virgin jungle...

Bés Hyang Dnèy is just one of four enchanting myths — of spirits and shamans, of fierce battles and cosmic creation — as narrated by a revered Jah Hut shaman. The late Batin Long's world of magic and natural powers is told in his own indigenous language, complete with the story-tellers' charm that is today a vanishing gift among his people.

This collection is an attempt to help record the culture and the language of an Orang Asli community.

Illustrated by Batin Long • Includes a Jah Hut-English glossary.

This set of legends was faithfully recorded by Duncan Holaday, an anthropologist turned (spirits) distiller, Chin Woon Ping, a poet, and Teoh Boon Seong, a professional linguist.

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Tags: Culture, Ethnic Studies, Folklore, Malaysia, Orang Asli, Social studies