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The Legacy And Heritage Of Loke Chow Kit

"He spoke English, Malay and various Chinese dialects with equal facility, looked dignified and rese..


The Legend: He Caddied For Prime Ministers & Coached Kings, He Survived A Plane Crash And Cancer

Nellan was born in poverty in post-war, pre-independence Malaya. The eldest of 10 children, he slept..

The Lepak Game : 2nd Edition -0%

The Lepak Game : 2nd Edition

Celebrating Malaysian-ness!This box contains the essence of Malaysia in a deck of cards, guaranteed ..

RM119.00 RM119.00
The Lepak Game : Expansion Pack 1.0 -0%

The Lepak Game : Expansion Pack 1.0

The Lepak Game contains the essence of Malaysia in a deck of cards, guaranteed to spark some serious..

RM36.00 RM36.00

The Life And Times Of Uwais Al-Qarni

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Uwais Ahmed Akhtarul QaderiPage: 144 pagesYear of issue: 2..


The Lights That Find Us

Author: Anittha ThanabalanISBN: 9789814845182Pages: 200Year of Issue: 2019Finalist fo..


The Limits of Authoritarian Governance in Singapore's Developmental State

FOR SALE IN MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE ONLYThis book delves into the limitations of Singapore’s author..


The Long Shadow Of The 19th Century: Critical Essays On Colonial Orientalism In Southeast Asia

Publisher: Matahari BooksAuthor : Farish A NoorPages: 404 pages Stamford Raffles, J..


The Lost Bird - Iso K. & Maxine Mae (Children's book)

“Who am I? What am I? Why am I?”These are questions worth exploring, no matter what age we are. Dur..


The Malay Labourer : By the Window of Capitalism

Author: Zawawi IbrahimPublisher: SIRDPages: 337Year of Issue: 2022Language: EnglishBuy on Shopee.Thi..


The Malay Tale Of The Pig King

Publisher: Matahari BooksPages: 39Authors: Usup Abdul Kadir, Retold by Heidi Shamsuddin, Illustrated..


The Malayan Songbook: Music Manuscripts & Biographies From Pre-Independence Malaya

The Malayan Songbook is made to raise awareness and appreciation for the pre-independence Malay musi..

The May 13 Tragedy: A Report -0% Out Of Stock

The May 13 Tragedy: A Report

May 13, 1969 will go down in our history as a day of national tragedy. On that day the very foundati..

RM30.00 RM30.00

The Merdeka Interviews : Architects, Engineers and Artists of Malaysia's Independence

Between 2001 and 2006, architectural historian Lai Chee Kien conducted a series of interviews with t..


The Metaphysical Epistemology Of Shaykh Shams Al-Dīn Al-Sumatrā’ī

Publisher: Islamic Trust BookAuthor: Mohamad Nasrin NasirPage: 182 pagesYear of issue: 2019Lang..


The Millennials' Guide To Building Business Right

S - Sustainability       Discover your entrepreneurship DNA. Begin with the end ..

The Myth of the Lazy Native -0%

The Myth of the Lazy Native

A Study of the Image of the Malays, Filipinos and Javanese from the 16th to the 20th Century and Its..

RM118.00 RM118.00

The New Play Project: Book One

This inaugural book of The New Play Project features 4 brand-new works from Kuala Lumpur's most exci..



Malayan Chinese radicalism in the form of anarcho-communism only emerged in 1919. The ideology of an..


The Pensioner By Adam Said

Khalid Arshad lives in retirement with his wife Azizah in a suburb of George Town, Penang. He has ha..


The Power Of Deeds (The Untold Story of Abdul Kadir Shamsuddin)

The Power Of Deeds highlights the immense contributions of Abdul Kadir Shamsuddin, a leading technoc..


The Power Of Deeds (The Untold Story of Abdul Kadir Shamsuddin) (HB)

The Power Of Deeds highlights the immense contributions of Abdul Kadir Shamsuddin, a leading technoc..


The Prince Of Mount Tahan

Ishak Haji Muhammad (1909-1991) was one of Malaysia's pioneer nationalists. His patriotism caused hi..


The Principal Girl: Feminist Tales From Asia

The Principal Girl: Feminist Tales from Asia features stories of bold, bright, and heroic women and ..

The Problem Of Corruption Out Of Stock

The Problem Of Corruption

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Syed Hussein AlatasPage: 182 pagesYear of issue: 2015Langu..


The Professor By Faisal Tehrani

Suliza is a feminist professor who discovers her sexuality while at an Islamic religious school. Aft..


The Rape Of Nancy Ng

Publisher: Fixi NovoAuthor: Tunku HalimPage: 321Year of issue: 2018Language: EnglishBinder Type: Pap..


The Revolutionary Ideas Of Karl Marx

Few thinkers have been declared irrelevant and out of date with such frequency as Karl Marx. Hardly ..


The Rising Moon : Political Change in Sarawak 1959-1972

The Rising Moon was the first in-depth study of the beginnings of modern politics in Sarawak between..


The Sarawak Report - The Inside Story of The 1MDB Expose

This is the story of the have-nots and the have-yachts,of the failings of globalisation, and how a t..


The Science of Feelings

Publisher: Sunway University PressPages: 224Author:  Eugene TeeSunway ShortsWhat are emotions a..


The Seat

It’s a few days before the 14th General Election. The P117 candidate makes a strong bid for the seat..


The Sejarah Melayu Revisited: A Collection of Six Essays

“In a period where no native scholars of equal repute existed, where no one possessed similar levels..


The Special Diary of Mary of Magdala -Dr Gilbert I. Rethual

Mary of MagdalaMy eyes saw Him, Jesus Christ, first. He spoke to me first, handpicked from humanity...


The Struggles For Human Rights In Xinjiang

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Roy Anthony RogersPage: 312 pagesYear of issue: 2018Langua..


The Taste Of China: Roundup Of China's Eight Cuisines

Publisher: Han Culture Chinese Malaysia & ITBMAuthor: Li Xin Page: 131pgYear of issue: 2017..


The Turbulent Years: A History Of The American Worker, 1933-1940

"A broad panorama in brilliant prose." —American Historical ReviewIn this groundbreaking work of lab..


The Weight of Our Sky

Melati Ahmad has imagined her mother's death countless times. Plagued by gruesome thoughts she belie..


The Wolf Catcher: The True Story Of How One Woman Exposed The World's Biggest Heist

When London journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown set up a small website highlighting environmental damag..


The Xaverian Journey: The Story of a Lasallian School in Penang, Malaysia 1787-2019

This hardcover book, with a large number of colour photographs and illustrations, chronicles the fou..

This is What Inequality Looks Like (New Edition) Out Of Stock

This is What Inequality Looks Like (New Edition)

What is poverty? What is inequality? How are they connected?How are they reproduced? How might they ..

Tionghoa di Batavia dan Huru Hara 1740 Out Of Stock

Tionghoa di Batavia dan Huru Hara 1740

Penerbit : Komunitas BambuHalaman : 146 halaman Penulis : Johannes Theodorus VermeulenBuku..


Tirani By Beb Sabariah X Arif Rafhan

Penerbit :  Maple ComicsHalaman : 133 m/sPenulis : Beb Sabariah dan Arif RafhanTahun Terbitan :..


Tok Ayah Kedah: Legasi Ulama' Dalam Politik Kelantan

Penerbit : Jundi ResourcesTahun Terbitan : 2015Mukasurat : 260Tok Ayah Kedah merupakan salah seorang..


Tokoh dan Akhbar Melayu: Penebus Peminggiran Melayu

​​Buku ini menukilkan kisah tokoh wartawan yang memainkan peranan sebagai penebus peminggiran Melayu..


Toyol 'R' Us

Publisher: Fixi NovoAuthor: Terence TohPage: 249 pgYear of issue: 2021Language: EnglishAll around Ku..



Penerbit : FixiTahun Terbitan : 2021Halaman : 296 mukasuratPenulis :  Ismi Fa Ismail" Sorry kac..


Transamagei | Jessika Sims

Publisher: Ukiyoto PublishingPage: 659 pgAuthor: Jessika SimsIssue Year: 2019Raised by a monster fro..


Trilogi Murtad 2: Tuhan

Penerbit: FIXIPenulis: Hasrul RizwanMukasurat: 299 mukasuratTahun terbitan: 2015Bahasa: Bahasa Malay..


Trilogi Murtad 3: Qisas

Penerbit: FIXIPenulis: Hasrul RizwanMukasurat: 295 mukasuratTahun terbitan: 2015Bahasa: Bahasa Malay..


Trilogi Ngeri 3: Obsesi

Penerbit: FIXIPenulis: Gina Yap Lai YoongMukasurat: 227 mukasuratTahun terbitan: 2015Bahasa: Bahasa ..


TROFI by Aen Sa'ari (ROMAN)

Kuala Lumpur gempar!Bermula dengan satu panggilan telefon dari satu suara misterius, satu siri pembu..


Trouble Started : A Young Writers' Anthology

Editor: Brigitte Joanne RozarioYear: 2021Pages: 232Within these pages are 20 short stories about cla..


Trust Overboard : Memoir of Living with a Sadistic Cult in Malaysia

It was 2014. Third culture kid, Liya, began a spiritual journey to explore various faiths, at sevent..


Tuan Guru Dato' Dr Haron Din: Kejora Di Langit Malam

Penerbit : Jundi ResourceTahun Terbitan : 2016Mukasurat : 204Arca yang berdiri memantulkan seribu ke..


Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang: Murabbi, Ideologue, Pemimpin

Penerbit : Jundi ResourcesTahun Terbitan : 2015Mukasurat : 265Buku ini diluncurkan untuk merakamkan ..


Tuhan Mengujimu Dengan Cinta

Penerbit : NuBook Press   Tahun Terbitan : 2015Halaman :153 m/sPenulis :  A.KTUHAN ME..

Tukang Puisi by Fahd Razy, Za'im Yusoff, Karim Mohd Out Of Stock

Tukang Puisi by Fahd Razy, Za'im Yusoff, Karim Mohd

Penyelenggara: Fahd Razy, Za'im Yusoff, Karim MohdHalaman: 248 hlm.ISBN: 978-967-2014-31-7Tahun: 201..


Two Heartbeats Away by KS Maniam

KS Maniam has been writing from his early teens. His stories have appeared in numerous journals arou..


Uda Dan Dara: Sebuah Teater Muzikal

“Uda dan Dara selama ini orang hanya tahu sebuah drama yang banyak unsur romantik, tetapi banyak ora..


Ugama Islam & Akal By Syed Syeikh Alhadi

Penerbit :  Malaha PressHalaman : 183 m/sPenulis : Syed Syeikh AlhadiTahun Terbitan : 2017Bermu..


Ulama Besar Dari Patani by Ahmad Fathy Al-Patani ​

Negeri Patani termasuk antara beberapa buah negeri di Semenanjung Melayu yang melahirkan ramai para ..


Ulama dan Perkembangan Islam di Sarawak dan Sabah

​Penulisan dan kajian mengenai Islam di Serawak dan Sabah masih belum banyak diketengahkan kepada ma..


Ulama Patani: Ketokohan dan Keilmuan

Penerbit: Penerbitan UKMMukasurat: 374 mukasuratTahun terbitan: 2016Bahasa: Bahasa MalaysiaUlama mer..


Ular By Azlan Fadzil

Penerbit: FixiPenulis: Azlan FadzilMukasurat: 267 m/sTahun terbitan: 2021Selepas kehilangan kerjanya..


UMAT BERGERAK: Mobilisasi Damai Kaum Islamis di Indonesia, Malaysia, dan Turki

Buku Julie Chernov Hwang ini adalah salah satu dari sedikit karya serius yang ada, yang membicarakan..


Universities And The Life Of The Mind

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: K.G. SaiyidainPage: 320 pagesYear of issue: 2020Language: ..


Unleash God Given Power Within You

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Ismail A KallaPage: 308 pagesYear of issue: 2019Language: ..


UNMASKED : Reflection on Virus-time

Publisher : Heliconia Press Pages : 80pg Year of issue : 2020We have been apart more days&..


Unveiling Choice By Maryam Lee

'What people need to understand is that the hijab can be both liberating and oppressive, depending o..

Usman Awang : Malam Ini Malam Berinai Out Of Stock

Usman Awang : Malam Ini Malam Berinai

Sasterawan Negara Usman Awang ialah penyair milik rakyat malaysia. Maka oleh sebab itulah, tiga siri..


Ustaz Azhar Idrus: Daie Sejuta Ummat

Penerbit : Jundi ResourcesTahun Terbitan : 2012Mukasurat : 212Penceramah fenomenal merupakan sisi te..


Vamos Sur America - Travel Memoir

Vamos!!! dalam Spanish bermaksud Jom ( let’s go ). Buku Vamos Sur America Travel Memoir berkisa..


Venture Forth : Untold Stories of A Culture Junkie | Wendy Chin

Publisher: Wendy ChinAuthor: Wendy ChinPage: 187 pgYear of issue: 2020Letting go of a 'comfortable' ..

Visi Alternatif Untuk Malaysia -50%

Visi Alternatif Untuk Malaysia

Samada seseorang itu kapitalis, sosialis atau hanya berminat dengan tadbir urus yang baik, ternyata ..

RM20.00 RM10.00

Visual Storytelling: How to be a good storyteller

Visual Storytelling: How to be a good storyteller"In a very simple and strikingly illustrative manne..


Voices In Text And Contexts

Publisher: Sunway University PressPage: 232 pagesYear of issue: 2021Language: EnglishVoices in Texts..


Voyage To Excellence: Strategic Management In The 21st Century

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Faiz AbdullahPage: 295 pagesYear of issue: 2019Language: E..

Wacana Baru Politik Malaysia : Perspektif Ruang Awam Budaya dan Institusi -30%

Wacana Baru Politik Malaysia : Perspektif Ruang Awam Budaya dan Institusi

Topik yang dibincang dan dianalisis terarah kepada kemunculan ‘politik baru' yang berteraskan partis..

RM25.00 RM17.50

Wajah Kasih Rasulullah

Penerbit: Jundi ResourcesTahun Terbitan : 2012Mukasurat : 576"Insan mukmin yang paling sempurna iman..


Wanita Di Sabah: Kami Taraf Apa? Antara Kedudukan Tersisih dan Hak Saksama

Buku ini, 'Wanita di Sabah: Kami Taraf Apa? Antara Kedudukan Tersisih dan Hak Saksama' adalah berdas..


Wanita Tahanan Reman

Penerbit: ITBMPenulis: Sri DiahTahun terbitan: 2013Bahasa: Bahasa MalaysiaSri Diah dan emansipasi wa..

Wannabe Sasau by Jack Malik Out Of Stock

Wannabe Sasau by Jack Malik

"Dalam puisi, Jali boleh jadi macam-macam; skema, liar, kurang ajar, berbudi, sopan, jengkel, cintan..


Wanted: Botak Chin By Danny Lim & Michelle Lee

Publisher: MatahariAuthor: Danny Lim & Michelle LeePage: 40pgYear of issue: 2021Language: Englis..


War : The Necessary Evil -Dr Gilbert I. Rethual

Author: Dr Gilbert I. RethualWar is bad. Wars are not necessary in this world. There are enoug..


War On War: Lenin, The Zimmerwald Left, And The Origins Of Communist Internationalism

The First World War represented a tragic crossroads for the international Left. The pressing decisio..


Warkah Untuk Pak Biden | Dinsman, Ishak Hamzah, Rozan Azen Mat Rasip

Penerbit: Nuha BooksPenulis: Dinsman, Ishak Hamzah, Rozan Azen Mat RasipMukasurat: 214 msTahun ..


Welcome Home: Lessons In Saying Goodbye

“Leaving, according to the familiar political narrative, was a sign that someone was giving up on th..


What Happened: Poems 1997 - 2017

This volume of selected poems surveys Alvin Pang's oeuvre over the past two decades, and includes si..

What I Saw In Malaya: Lectures 1934-1938 Out Of Stock

What I Saw In Malaya: Lectures 1934-1938

French ethnologist Jeanne Cuisinier explored Malaya, mostly Kelantan, in 1932 and 1933. In her lectu..

What Students Want - A Book Created, Curated, And Edited By Students -15%

What Students Want - A Book Created, Curated, And Edited By Students

What Students Want is a student-led book that collects the hopes and dreams of students around Malay..

RM25.00 RM21.25
When I Say Spoken You Say Word : KL Spoken Word Anthology Out Of Stock

When I Say Spoken You Say Word : KL Spoken Word Anthology

'When I Say Spoken You Say Word’ is an anthology of spoken word poetry comprising of more than 100 p..


Where Eighty-Four Languages Were Once Spoken: An Account Of Melaka 1400-1824

Publisher: Devinder RajAuthor: Devinder RajPages : 154pg“Cycling to Malacca High School fo..


Where Monsoons Meet: A People's History of Malaya

Where Monsoons Meet attempts to lead a new path away from the beaten tracks. The history&n..


Witness To The German Revolution

"Serge searingly evokes the epochal hopes and shattering setbacks of a generation of leftists."—Book..


Witnesses to Permanent Revolution: The Documentary Record

The theory of permanent revolution has long been associated with Leon Trotsky. Though he was the mos..


Women And Socialism: Class, Race, And Capital (Fully Revised And Updated Edition)

More than forty years after the women’s liberation movement of the 1960s, women remain without equal..


Women In Islam : SIHA Journal Issue No.4 2019

The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) is a network of civil society organi..


Workplace Learning in the Malaysian Tourism Sector

Determining Competence Development and Job Satisfaction Among Employees of Small to Mid-sized Touris..


Yaretzi | Kanika Marwah

Publisher: Ukiyoto PublishingPage: 163 pgAuthor: Kanika MarwahIssue Year: 2020Yaretzi, a story of a ..