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Diplomatically Speaking

A career diplomat, Dennis Ignatius served in London, Beijing and Washington before being a..


Malaysia's Political Economy: Politics, Patronage and Profits

Authors: Edmund Terence Gomez, K. S. Jomo Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 1997 Length: 228 ..


Southeast Asia in the Global Economy: Securing Competitiveness and Social Protection

Editor: Helen E.S. Nesadurai & J. Soedradjad Djowandono Hardback, 257 pages Subject: Economy, De..


The Malaysian Estates Staff Provident Fund 1947-2017

In this book, Jerayaj C. Rajarao provides a detailed and compelling account of the first provident f..


The Palm Oil Controversy in Southeast Asia: A Transitional Perspective

Editor: Oliver Pye & Jayati Bhattacharya Paperback, 283 pages Subject: Oil Palm, Palm Oil, Econo..

Combo: Malaysia Economy Trilogy by Shankaran Nambiar -18%

Combo: Malaysia Economy Trilogy by Shankaran Nambiar

Dr Shankaran Nambiar is a Senior Research Fellow at the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research. He..

RM73.00 RM60.00

MALAYSIA: An Economy At The Edge Of Transformation (Pre and Post-Election Reflections on the Malaysian Economy)

Transformation without thought runs the risk of being short term or a kneejerk reaction to events. S..


The Malaysian Economy: Rethinking Policies & Purposes

The Malaysian growth miracle is one of the world’s greatest success stories.  In a relatively s..