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Access to Justice: Women’s Experiences in Penang Syariah Courts

Author: Shariza Kamarudin New Pb142 pp. Subjects: Gender, Law, Religion Condition: Good Publishe..


Banana Punk Rawk Trails- Marco Ferrarese

A Euro-Fool’s Metal Punk Journeys in Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia Author: Marco Ferrarese New ..


Electoral Dynamics in Malaysia: Findings from the Grassroots

Findings from the GrassrootsEditor: Meredith L. WeissNew Pb249 pp.Subject: PoliticsCondition: GoodPu..


Gender Responsive & Participatory Budgeting

Imperatives for Equitable Public Expenditure Editor: Cecilia Ng New Pb210 pp. Subjects: Economics..


Getting By: Class and State Formation among Chinese in Malaysia

Author: Donald M. Nonini Paperback, 348 pages Subjects: Malaysia, Ethnic Studies Condit..


Kaleidoscope: The Memoirs of P.G. Lim

Author: P.G. Lim New Pb397 pp. Subjects: History & Biography, Malaysia, Memoir, Politics Cond..


Masyarakat Penan dan Impian Pembangunan

Penysun & Editor: Zawawi Ibrhaim NoorShah M.S. 187 m/s Subjek: Etnik, Pembangunan Kondisi: Ba..


Merdeka For The Mind

Essays on Malaysian Struggles in the 21st Century Author: Ooi Kee Beng New Pb137 pp. Subjects: Ma..


Phoenix Rising: Pioneering Chinese Women Of Malaysia

Author: Ho Tak Ming New Pb203 pp. Subjects: History, Gender, Malaysia Condition: Good Publisher:..


Politics of the Temporary

An Ethnography of Migrant Life in Urban Malaysia Author: Parthiban Muniandy New Pb184 pp. Subje..


Rainforest Hero: The Life and Death of Bruno Manser

Author: Ruedi Suter New Pb330 pp. Subjects: Environment & Ecology, History & Biography, Po..


The Flight of the Swans

Author: D. Devika Bai Subjects: Fiction, History Condition: Good Publisher: Monsoon Books Publis..


The Peaceful People : The Penan And Their Fight For The Forest

Author: Paul Malone Subjects: Development, Ethnic Studies, History & Biography, Malaysia, Socia..


The People's Chief Minister: Lim Guan Eng

Author: Tomato New Pb168 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Politics Condition: Good Publisher: Democr..


Through Turbulent Terrain : Trade of The Straits Port of Penang

The Story of Navigating A Tough Environment in Space and TimeAuthors: Loh Wei Leng with Jeffery..

Views from Pulau Pinang: Countering Modern Orientalism and Policy Perspectives -52%

Views from Pulau Pinang: Countering Modern Orientalism and Policy Perspectives

Views from Pulau Pinang brings together the writings of members of the Centre for Pol..

RM25.00 RM12.00

Aesthetic Paper Bookmark/ Penanda Buku [Random Design]

Aesthetic Paper Bookmark  [Random Design]- Dimension:  4x15 cm- Material: Art Card- Availa..


Blue Sky Mansion by H.Y. Yeang

Author: H.Y. YeangISBN: 9789814901826Pages: 320Year of Issue: 2021Shortlisted for the Epigram B..


City Eye On George Town (108 Publishing)

A roving eye on the tales of a CityPenang City Eye was first published in May 2014 as a free indepen..

Kaki Lima : Tabletop Game Out Of Stock

Kaki Lima : Tabletop Game

Kaki Lima is a light strategy board game about pedestrians going about their daily lives, running er..


Landscape Aesthetic Magnetic Bookmark [Random Design]

 Landscape Aesthetic Magnetic Bookmark [Random Design]- Dimension:  12x2 cm (8g)- Material..

Malaysia's Canvas - The Blistering Saga Of A Flash In The Pan Art Revolution -57%

Malaysia's Canvas - The Blistering Saga Of A Flash In The Pan Art Revolution

In February 2014, an international colony of young, freewheeling and footloose artists held a group ..

RM35.00 RM15.00

Mini Metal Clip Bookmark/ Penanda buku mini [Random Design]- Stok Terhad

Mini Metal Bookmark/ Penanda buku mini [Random Design]- Stok Terhad- Dimension:  2.5x3 cm (8g)-..


Paper Bookmark / Penanda Buku - Special Quote from Gerakbudaya

Gerakbudaya Bookmark with Quote [Custom Made]- Dimensions:  4x14 cm- Material: Art Card- Withou..


Penang Hokkien–English Dictionary: With an English–Penang Hokkien Glossary

This dictionary is a user-friendly lexicon for both native speakers and learners of the Penang Hokki..


Penang Makan : Heritage Street Food Recipes

Publisher: Bulan PressAuthor: Dayana WongYear: 2021Pages: 152"Let me take you on a stroll throu..


The Xaverian Journey: The Story of a Lasallian School in Penang, Malaysia 1787-2019

This hardcover book, with a large number of colour photographs and illustrations, chronicles the fou..