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Cerpen-Cerpen Johor

"Johor Tetap Jadi Johor." Itulah slogan yang tersemat erat dalam jiwa masyarakat negeri Johor. Seman..


Cerpen-Cerpen Perak

Sebuah negara Malaysia tidak akan lengkap tanpa kehadiran sebuah negeri yang simbolik dengan labo sa..


Electoral Dynamics in Malaysia: Findings from the Grassroots

Findings from the GrassrootsEditor: Meredith L. WeissNew Pb249 pp.Subject: PoliticsCondition: GoodPu..


Tribal Communities in the Malay World: Historical, Cultural and Social Perspectives

Editors: Geoffrey Benjamin and Cynthia Chou Paperback, 490 pages Subjects: Indonesia, Malaysia, Hi..

Beguiled: On Larut Hills -5%

Beguiled: On Larut Hills

Author: Liew Suet FunAtop the southern end of Bintang Range, about 20 kilometres from the north-west..

RM80.00 RM76.00

Combo: Cerpen-cerpen

 Combo:1. Cerpen-cerpen Kelantan2. Cerpen-cerpen Perak3. Cerpen-cerpen Johor4. Cerpen-cerpen Te..

My Journey By Bus : Perak, Pulau Pinang, Perlis, Kedah -0%

My Journey By Bus : Perak, Pulau Pinang, Perlis, Kedah

'My Journey By Bus', it’s a journey by bus literally to 35 places throughout Perak, Pulau Pinang, Pe..

RM80.00 RM80.00
Perak and the Malays -0%

Perak and the Malays

From the Preface by the Author (1878)    This Malayan State, it will be remember..

RM60.00 RM60.00