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Beyond Romance: Fieldwork in Sarawak

Beyond Romance: Fieldwork In Sarawak offers a collection of fieldwork stories written..


Coalitions in Collision: Malaysia's 13th General Elections

Editors: Johan Savaranamuttu Lee Hock Guan Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman New Pb309 pp. Subjects: M..


Deals, Datus and Dayaks : Sarawak and Brunei in the Making of Malaysia

This book tells the story of Malaysia’s formation and its early struggle for survival. A treasure tr..


Electoral Dynamics in Malaysia: Findings from the Grassroots

Findings from the GrassrootsEditor: Meredith L. WeissNew Pb249 pp.Subject: PoliticsCondition: GoodPu..

Electoral Dynamics in Sarawak -50% Out Of Stock

Electoral Dynamics in Sarawak

Editors: Meredith L. Weiss and Arnold Puyok Subjects: History, Politics, Southeast Asia Pb 120pp ..

RM30.00 RM15.00
Iban Dream by Golda Mowe Out Of Stock

Iban Dream by Golda Mowe

Author: Golda Mowe New Pb288 pp. Subjects: Fiction, Malaysia, Orang Asli Condition: Good Pu..

Iban Journey by Golda Mowe Out Of Stock

Iban Journey by Golda Mowe

Author: Golda Mowe New Pb264 pp. Subjects: Sarawak, Fiction Condition: Good Publisher: ..


Rainforest Hero: The Life and Death of Bruno Manser

Author: Ruedi Suter New Pb330 pp. Subjects: Environment & Ecology, History & Biography, Po..


The Peaceful People : The Penan And Their Fight For The Forest

Author: Paul Malone Subjects: Development, Ethnic Studies, History & Biography, Malaysia, Socia..


Tribal Communities in the Malay World: Historical, Cultural and Social Perspectives

Editors: Geoffrey Benjamin and Cynthia Chou Paperback, 490 pages Subjects: Indonesia, Malaysia, Hi..


About Sarawak Rajang River And The People - Living And Coping With Disasters

Title: About Sarawak Rajang River And The People - Living And Coping With DisastersAuthor: ..


Ethnicity & Electoral Politics in Sarawak

This book seeks to examine the continuing role of ethnicity in Malaysia politics. It comprises an in..


Hijack In Malaysia : The Fall of Pakatan Harapan

"When You are a politician don't even trust yourself."Francis Paul Siah is a veteran Sarawak editor...

Iban Woman by Golda Mowe Out Of Stock

Iban Woman by Golda Mowe

Author: Golda MoweISBN: 9781912049363Pages: 256Publisher: Monsoon BooksYear of Issue:..


Lem Ayu’ Ulun : The Bario Journals | Liew Suet Fun

Author: Liew Suet FunPublisher: Liew Suet FunIn her early fifties, writer Liew Suet Fun uproote..


The Rising Moon : Political Change in Sarawak 1959-1972

'The Rising Moon' was the first in-depth study of the beginnings of modern politics in Sarawak betwe..


The Sarawak Report - The Inside Story of The 1MDB Expose

This is the story of the have-nots and the have-yachts,of the failings of globalisation, and how a t..