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Alias Chin Peng: My Side Of History Out Of Stock

Alias Chin Peng: My Side Of History

Author: Chin Peng Subjects: Memoir, Malaysia, History Condition: Good Publisher: Media Masters Pu..

Beyond US Hegemony? by Samir Amin -69%

Beyond US Hegemony? by Samir Amin

Assessing the Prospects for a Multipolar World Author: Samir Amin New Pb191 pp. Samir Amin argues..

RM65.00 RM20.00

Cahaya Tauhid Di Langit Urfa

Penulis: Mohd Khairul Anwar Ismail Subjek: Travelog, Turkey, Agama Keadaan: Bagus Penerbit: Ilham..


Dangerous Brown Men by Gargi Bhattacharyya

Exploiting Sex, Violence and Feminism in the War on Terror Author: Gargi Bhattacharyya Publisher: ..


DIAgnosis: Dr. Anwar Fazal, Dr. Aizzat and Dr. Azah

Authors: Dr. Anwar Fazal, Dr. Aizzat and Dr. Azah Subjects: Nonfiction, Medical Practice, Malaysia ..


Dreaming Of Freedom: Palestinian Child Prisoners Speak

Editor: Norma Hashim New Pb177 pp. Subjects: Middle East, Human Rights Condition: Good Publ..


Lastik! Lontaran Batu-Batu Kerikil

Lontaran Batu-Batu Kerikil Authors/Editors: H. Muhammad Haris Zuan New Pb254 pp. Subjects: Mal..


Love & Struggle: Beyond The Rubber Estates

Author: Dave Anthony New Pb364 pp. Subjects: Fiction, History & Biography, Malaysia Condition..

Menyurat Kepada Sahabat: Warkah-Warkah Peribadi 1975-2002 -67%

Menyurat Kepada Sahabat: Warkah-Warkah Peribadi 1975-2002

Penulis: Anwar Ridhwan Subjek: Memoir, Malaysia Keadaan: Bagus Penerbit: SIRD Tahun: 2012 284 m..

RM30.00 RM10.00

Our Cities, Our Homes: People, Places and Passions

The world has been in a state of disruptive flux for decades. This transformation signals an unfoldi..


Reversal Of Verdict: Anwar Ibrahim Goes Back To Prison

Author: Pawancheek Marican Subjects: Politics, Malaysia Condition: Good Publisher: Gerakbudaya P..

Strategic Terror by Beau Grosscup -83%

Strategic Terror by Beau Grosscup

The Politics and Ethics of Aerial Bombardment Author: Beau Grosscup New Pb226 pp. Subject: Politi..

RM60.00 RM10.00

Syed Husin Ali: Memoirs of a Political Struggle

Author/Editor: Syed Husin Ali New Pb273 pp. Subjects: History & Biography, Malaysia, Memoir, P..

The Incubus of Intervention Out Of Stock

The Incubus of Intervention

Conflicting Indonesia Strategies of John F. Kennedy and Allen Dulles Author: Greg Poulgrain New ..


The Red Bicycle: A Historical Novel

Author: Dave Anthony New Pb393 pp. Subjects: Fiction, History & Biography, Malaysia Condition..


Women In Islam: SIHA Journal, Issue No. 3, 2017

Editor Head: Hala Alkarib Paperback, 106 pages Subjects: Journal Editor: SIHAThe uniqueness of th..


80 Sajak Puncak Dalam Sejarah Sastra Indonesia

Sejarah perjalanan Sastra Indonesia, hampir sama panjangnya dengan sejarah Indonesia sebagai sebuah ..


Apabila Wartawan dan Artis Menangis : Kisah Benar Catatan Perjalanan dan Pengalaman Kemanusiaan

Buku ini seharusnya dimiliki dan dibaca oleh generasi muda dan semua lapisan masyarakat bagi mengins..


Israelis And Palestinians: Conflict And Resolution

These essays, written between 1966 and 2010 by lifelong Israeli activist and theorist Moshé Machover..


May 9th 2018: The Day Malaysians Finally Opened Their Eyes and Saved the Nation!

A political tsunami struck Malaysia near midnight on 9th May 2018.The rulling coalition that had gov..


Regime Change in Malaysia: GE14 and The End of UMNO-BN'S 60-Year Rule

This book is a collection of 40-plus essays by 30-plus Malaysians about GE14 on 9 May 2018. It is a ..


Teknologi Warisan Alam Melayu (Penerbit UKM)

Penerbit: Penerbitan UKMMukasurat: 209 muka suratTahun terbitan: 2021Bahasa: Bahasa MalaysiaBuku ini..


War : The Necessary Evil -Dr Gilbert I. Rethual

Author: Dr Gilbert I. RethualWar is bad. Wars are not necessary in this world. There are enoug..


War On War: Lenin, The Zimmerwald Left, And The Origins Of Communist Internationalism

The First World War represented a tragic crossroads for the international Left. The pressing decisio..


Witness To The German Revolution

"Serge searingly evokes the epochal hopes and shattering setbacks of a generation of leftists."—Book..


战后新马人民争取独立的艰险历程 | The Precarious Course of Singapore and Malayan People's Struggle For Independence