Life Under Taliban By Masuma Tavakoli

Life Under Taliban By Masuma Tavakoli

Bold & Powerful: These two words aptly describe Masuma Tavakoli’s book, Life Under Taliban. Consolidating personal experiences including abuse and torture, the illustrated book will break your heart and help you understand why many Afghans flee their country and live in other parts of the world as refugees.

Masuma’s work depicts the growing influence of the Taliban despite being ousted from power, the continued violence against women, the hopelessness faced by the Afghan youth, growing incidences of child marriages and also questions the peace process that has excluded Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his government. Masuma’s honest illustrations give readers a candid insight into Afghan society today. She fled Afghanistan fearing for her safety and currently lives in Malaysia.

Author Masuma Tavakoli
Editor Mahi Ramakrishnan
Translator Amin Kamrani
Published 2019

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