Malaysia In Troubled Times

Malaysia In Troubled Times
Economic Challenges, Difficult Decisions and the Malaysian Economy

Author: Shankaran Nambiar
New Pb117 pp.
Subjects: Economics, Malaysia
Condition: Good
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2016
The recent past has been tumultuous for Malaysia. Malaysia has been rocked by economic uncertainties, political turmoil and allegations of financial scandals. The economy has had to face domestically generated shocks and well as those emanating from external sources. Regional developments have been fast-paced, too. ASEAN has acquired greater significance, and there has been a convergence of interest in the area. The US, China and India have directed increased interest in the region, demanding appropriate policy responses from Malaysia. At a micro level, issues such as education and health have generated controversy and they could turn out to be problematic if not handled carefully. These issues, if ignored, could adversely affect Malaysia’s economic development. If addressed correctly, Malaysia will move up the ladder of development. The present collection of essays attempts to capture the challenges that Malaysia faces. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in Malaysia’s growth and development.


"Nambiar's collection of articles is an incisive commentary on macroeconomic policies and regional issues.  His suggestions on how Malaysia can prepare itself for the next decade deserve serious attention from all policy makers.  This book is absolutely essential reading for anyone interested in the Malaysian economy."

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