Merdeka 62

Merdeka 62

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Abuse of Power -10%

Abuse of Power

Selected Works on the Law and Constitution Author/Editor: Tommy Thomas New Pb298 pp. Subjects: ..

RM50.00 RM45.00
Agong Tanpa Tengkolok -10%

Agong Tanpa Tengkolok

Author: Fathi Aris Omar Subjects: Agama, Politik, Malaysia Condition: Good Publisher: Thukul Ceta..

RM25.00 RM22.50

Alias Chin Peng: My Side of History

Author: Chin Peng Subjects: Memoir, Malaysia, History Condition: Good Publisher: Media Masters Pu..

An Alternative Vision For Malaysia -10%

An Alternative Vision For Malaysia

Author: Jeyakumar Devaraj New Pb135 pp. Subject: Politics Condition: Good Publisher: SIRD Publi..

RM25.00 RM22.50

Anak Semua Bangsa

Author/Editor: Pramoedya Ananta Toer New Pb539 pp. Subjects: Fiction, History & Biography, Ind..

Anything but the Law -10%

Anything but the Law

Essays on Politics and Economics Author: Tommy Thomas New Pb340 pp. Subjects: Economics, Malays..

RM50.00 RM45.00
Asal Usul Sosial Golongan Kiri Melayu -10%

Asal Usul Sosial Golongan Kiri Melayu

Satu Analisis Berkenaan Kesatuan Melayu Muda Published: 2011Kesatuan Melayu Muda (KMM) merupakan pa..

RM18.00 RM16.20

Bangsa Melayu (English Version)

Malay Concepts of Democracy and Community, 1945–1950 (Second Edition) Author: Ariffin Omar Forewor..

Becoming Hannah -10%

Becoming Hannah

A Personal Journey Author: Hannah Yeoh New Pb111 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Memoir, Politics Cond..

RM25.00 RM22.50

Being Malaysia

"An impressive, insightful effort. In it, Steven writes about his reflections over the years as an M..

Beyond Romance: Fieldwork in Sarawak -10%

Beyond Romance: Fieldwork in Sarawak

Beyond Romance: Fieldwork In Sarawak offers a collection of fieldwork stories written..

RM38.00 RM34.20
Brave New World: Greatest Hits -10%

Brave New World: Greatest Hits

Author: Azmi Sharom New Pb272 pp. Subjects: Education, Law, Malaysia, Politics Condition: Good P..

RM38.00 RM34.20

Charade of Justice: Anwar’s Third Trial

Author: Pawanchek Marican New Pb201 pp. Subjects: Politics, Malaysia Condition: Good Publisher: ..


Coalitions in Collision: Malaysia's 13th General Elections

Editors: Johan Savaranamuttu Lee Hock Guan Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman New Pb309 pp. Subjects: M..

Controlled Chaos -10%

Controlled Chaos

Essays on Malaysia's New Politics Beyond Mahathirism and the Multimedia Super Corridor Author: Az..

RM25.00 RM22.50