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Abandoned Gods | Tan Jit Seng (Gerakbudaya)

Author: Tan Jit SengPublisher: Gerakbudaya EnterpriseISBN: 978-967-0311-95-1Size: 13cm x 19cmPa..


Blessed Are Those Who Mourn : Chinese Tongzhi Catholics’ Tales

Edited by: Eros Shaw, Mark Larrimore and Michael CliftonPublisher: SIRDISBN: 978-967-..

Completing The Singapore Story? New

Completing The Singapore Story?

Title: Completing The Singapore Story?ISBN: 978-967-2464-61-7Publisher: SIRDAuthor:  ARUN BALAP..


Dark Forces Changing Malaysia by Lim Teck Ghee and Murray Hunter

“Lim and Hunter’s prolific writings shed light on the resultant effects of macro and micro-policies ..

Life After: Oral Histories of the May 13 Incident New

Life After: Oral Histories of the May 13 Incident

Title: Life After: Oral Histories of the May 13 IncidentAuthor: Members of the May 13 Oral History G..


Malaysia Towards GE15 and Beyond by Murray Hunter and Lim Teck Ghee

“[W]hen articles are written by astute commentators of the calibre of Hunter and Lim on the historic..


Once Upon a Time in Malaysia by Murale Pillai (Gerakbudaya)

Author: Murale PillaiISBN: 9789670311937Publisher: Gerakbudaya EnterpriseBuy on Shopee.Life in 16th-..


Sebutir Percikan: Biografi Chun Tae Il

Penulis: CHO YOUNG-RAEDiterjemahkan oleh: ERLINDA JOSEPH & ELDA KONSAGAPublisher: SIRD..