No Country for Righteous Men and Other Essays in a Culture of Offendedness

-10% No Country for Righteous Men and Other Essays in a Culture of Offendedness
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Published: 2013
No Country for Righteous Men is a collection of essays that examines the political landscape of Malaysia after five decades of independence. Although the writer claims partisanship to a specific political alliance, it is by no means a polemical work against the UMNO Establishment. What these essays attempt to do, is navigate through partisan terrain in the hopes of establishing a safe secular route out of this political quagmire of race and religious politics.

Using contemporary highly politicized issues as a launching pad to discover themes purposely hidden by the rhetoric of stability or change, this book offers an alternative view of what those who want to remain in power or those who want to claim power, gloss over in their quest for political hegemony.

These essays are a reminder that principle and real politick are mutually exclusive and the price of adhering to principle means sometimes losing populist appeal. It is a record of a period that nearly brought the Opposition alliance to Federal power but more importantly, it is a chronicle of the author’s search for meaning, in an era of slogans and political bromides meant to appease the voting Malaysian public.



“Whether one agrees with S. Thayaparan or not, he is original and provocative - reasons why he should be read.”

– Lim Kit Siang


“Cmdr. Thayaparan’s incisive style and willingness to dispense with being politically correct gives fresh insights to issues affecting Malaysian society. Well worth reading!

– Dr. Jeyakumar Member of Parliament Sg. Siput


“This compilation brings together the public commentary of a Malaysian devoted to a better, fairer and more righteous Malaysia. Without fear or favor, S. Thayaparan calls things as he sees it and in doing so offers an original and important perspective on the challenges facing the country. Thought-provoking and thoughtful – well worth reading.”

– Dr. Bridget Welsh, Associate Professor


“Former Navy Commander, S. Thayaparan with this collection of essays navigates the unsettling waters of Malaysian politics and with a trained eye points out the potential hazards that is the natural consequence of partisan politics. A must read for any who wish to understand the troubled seas which is the Malaysian dilemma.”

– Zaid Ibrahim


“This book consists of articles by S. Thayaparan (retired naval commander and legal practitioner) published in Malaysiakini. They express Thayaparan's strong and independent convictions, usually free from government or opposition bias. From these articles, we are able to trace some important socio-political development during the recent years.”

– Syed Husin Ali


About the author

Thayaparan is a retired Commander of the Royal Malaysian Navy. He had his early training at the Britania Royal Naval College, Darthmouth, England. He is gunnery specialist and graduated from the Indonesian Naval Command and Staff College in Jakarta. He was the first naval officer to read Law through self study and a year’s unpaid leave, to complete his Bar Finals at the Lincoln’s Inn of London. He was prosecutor for the Navy in the collision case of SHOWA MARU and KD. RAJA JAROM. He acted as the defense post retirement in the case of the sinking of the patrol vessel KD SRI PERAK. He was a UN Volunteer in Sri Lanka acting as liaison officer between the LTTE and International Agencies. He is currently a volunteer for a Non Governmental Agency.

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