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Submissions (English)

Gerakbudaya focuses on progressive and thought-provoking books that raise awareness of socio-historical and political issues in the world we live in. Proposals must have a Malaysia/Southeast Asia focus or connection. Please familiarise yourself with our other titles before contacting us, to ensure that we would be a suitable fit for your work.


Send us:

1.  Either full manuscript, or sample chapter, BY EMAIL in Word format, 1.5-spaced, Times New Roman 12pt, numbered pages.

              a.    Use minimal formatting.

                  b.    No PDFs. WORD only.

                  c.    In one file, please do not split chapters into separate files.

                  d.    Hardcopy submissions are encouraged but not returnable.

 2.   A brief outline of your manuscript/proposal (1-2 pages), and word count (including notes, appendices, illustrations, etc.) if manuscript is complete

 3. Author biography or Curriculum Vitae (CV)

 4.    Notes on how your proposed book differs from others on the market, your specific qualifications for writing it, and any ideas or connections you can suggest for promotion or co-publishing.

 5.  We particularly welcome:

                   a.    fiction with an edge

                   b.    non-fiction on underrepresented issues

 6.  We accept submissions in both Malay and English languages.


7.  We are NOT looking for:

a.    collections of newspaper columns, unless they’re amazing. Authors in such cases should be prepared to do considerable work in adapting them for a book

                 b.    books on themes diverging from our brand; these include business, property, self-help, grammar, etc.


If we are interested in publishing your work we will get back to you within one month. Please note that due to constraints on time and resources we may not be able to get back to you if your submission has been unsuccessful.


Please send submissions to