Sloth Bear: The Barefoot Bear of Sri Lanka

-20% Sloth Bear: The Barefoot Bear of Sri Lanka

ISBN :  978-967-5492-25-9

Format : Hard Cover, Full Color

Number of Pages – 168

The sloth bear is one of the most elusive species inhabiting the jungles of South Central Asia. This book synthesises the author’s body of research and experiences while working on the subspecies of sloth bear in Sri Lanka during the civil conflict. Accompanied with beautiful photographs of sloth bears, this book aims to provide the general audience with access to scientific information of urgent conservation concern, delivered in a less technical style. This book addresses ecological, behavioral, and conservation concerns of sloth bears against the biodiversity and cultural backdrop of Sri Lanka.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Bear Conservation Fund of the International Association for Bear Research and Management. The fund supports bear research activities and conservation projects to understand and sustain bear populations across the world.

Author’s Profile:

Shyamala Ratnayeke, PhD, conducted the first focused field study on the subspecies of sloth bear in Sri Lanka, the results of which have been published as various scientific papers and book chapters. She has been associated with research on Asian bears and other carnivores for more than 20 years.

Photographer’s Profile:

Luxshmanan Nadaraja is a leading Sri Lankan wildlife photographer who has published and co-authored a number of books on the nature, archaeology, and culture of Sri Lanka. He is founder and CEO of the studio Wildlight (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka. 

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