The Malaysian Economy: Rethinking Policies & Purposes (E-Book)

The Malaysian Economy: Rethinking Policies & Purposes (E-Book)
The Malaysian growth miracle is one of the world’s greatest success stories.  In a relatively short span of time tremendous achievements have been made in reducing poverty, raising the standard of living and creating a formidable manufacturing sector. Malaysia cannot rest on its laurels.

The standards have been pushed up.  Malaysia aims to move out of its middle-income status and achieve something of the dynamism of economies such as China and Korea. This requires a new roadmap.

The chapters in this book are an attempt at defining the parameters of the vision that will guide the passage of the economy to greater economic development. They critically engage with current economic policies with the intention of sharpening the focus on what needs to be done to drive the economy to greater heights.

The task of reaching developed country status is not an easy goal, and cannot be limited to the metric of income.  The author argues for a fresh paradigm on development thinking and expresses his views on a variety of issues that include trade, competitiveness and fiscal policy.

This book is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the Malaysian economy. Anyone who is seriously interested in Malaysia’s economic future cannot afford to ignore this book.



“On May 13, 2013 KLSE hit 1785 … Forty-four years ago, on another May 13, Malaysia was a country devastated by race-riots … I happened to be a sad witness to this tragic history. In this highly readable collection of op-ed articles, Dr. Shankaran Nambiar has surveyed, not the last 44 years, but the most challenging last decade as Malaysia moved onwards and upwards from post-Mahathir era to Badawi and Najib years … A well timed and intelligent contribution.”
– Professor Ozay Mehmet
Senior Fellow, Modern Turkish Studies Initiative,
Distinguished Research Professor of International Affairs,
Carleton University, Canada

“These essays are a thoughtful and powerful contribution to thinking about development. Nambiar pulls no punches in his argument for the primacy of institutional reform in achieving success.”

– Professor Peter Drysdale

Emeritus Professor of Economics
Head of the East Asian Bureau of Economic Research and East Asia Forum,
Crawford School of Public Policy,
Australian National University, Canberra.

“I find Nambiar’s writings on contemporary economic issues very refreshing, as he looks at issues with an open mind and  examines the pros and cons in an objective fashion. And, what is more, he has the gumption to call a spade a spade no matter what. I have a huge respect for his academic integrity.”
– Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr. Mohamed Ariff
Professor of Economics and Governance,
International Centre For Education In Islamic Finance (INCEIF), Kuala Lumpur.

“Insightful and thought-provoking … In this short and dense collection of op-eds, Nambiar proves to be an economist with a vision for his country. Although often critical of the current economic situation in Malaysia, he is never critical in a negative way and seeks to systematically offer constructive policy recommendations or commendable lines of action. This volume is a must-read for all those interested in the future of Malaysia’s economy, observers and policy-makers alike.”
– Dr. Françoise Nicolas 
Center for Asian Studies

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